Hi, my name is Hielke and I am a software engineer with 10+ years of work experience and 20+ years technology experience.

Next to software engineer I am a security specialist. I’ve worked 5 years as a pentester for webapps and infra, and continued to do security for the teams where I was software developer or tech lead.

As language of choice I favour strongly-typed languages that have good functional programming support. Kotlin and Scala are those languages.

My favorite jobs are designing and building distributed, high load systems. I value high quality code and think that this is a faster and more efficient way to build products.

Have a look at my CV and portfolio.



Besides Scala and Kotlin I’ve build applications or worked with:

Java, Spring, Vert.x, Flink, Kafka, Akka, Spark & other Java and Scala frameworks, JavaScript, React, React-Native, Angular, Webcomponents & other JS frameworkds, C, Python, Jupyter & ML libraries, PHP, Clojure, Common Lisp, Elm, Haskell, k8s, Azure, GCP, AWS Groovy, HTML, CSS, and likely a lot more (e.g. Perl). I can also read some x86/x64 assembly and did a few reverse engineering jobs.